What is "All-you-can-talk"?

  • Combination of learning and applying the language
    At Language Institute TaalTaal, we believe that you will get the most out of your language course if you are also given the opportunity to gain practical experience with your newly acquired skills. With "All-you-can-talk", we offer a unique and highly competitive concept consisting of a rich mix of regular courses and informal conversation sessions:

    • Tuesday evening (between 18:30 and 20:00 hrs): Spanish + Dutch A
    • Wednesday evening (between 18:30 and 20:00 hrs): Dutch A + Dutch B
    • Thursday evening (between 18:30 and 20:00 hrs): English A + English B

  • Flexible
    It's entirely up to you how many extra sessions you join in addition to the regular lessons. This is aimed mostly at fluency and is not mandatory.
  • No extra costs
    There are no extra costs(!) for taking part in these extra sessions. This combination makes the lessons at Language Institute TaalTaal not just the best, but effectively even the cheapest in the market.
  • Professional trainers
    Both the regular and informal sessions are under the guidance and quality monitoring of professional and enthusiastic language trainers.

What can you expect from a session?

The language trainers have created a program of a balanced set of different activities aimed at getting you to interact with the language and eachother in entertaining and sometimes unexpected ways. For example, there may be some role playing of common situations and dialogue exercises. Or you may need to practice pronunciation of "Scheveningen" a bit more. You may also contribute your own topics. TaalTaal aims to make you feel linguistically refreshed and replenished after each session.

For which languages is "All-you-can-talk" available?

The languages listed below offer the AYCT sessions. These extra sessions are recommended, but not mandatory. You can also join only the regular classes.


More information

Want to get to know more about TaalTaal? Then you are welcome to come by for a free trial session of "All-you-can-talk" or come visit our institute on one of the Open Days.

You can sign up through this form: https://taaltaal.nl/en/ayct/

Questions and answers

What motivates TaalTaal to introduce "All-you-can-talk"?

TaalTaal hopes to overwhelm you, our treasured customer, with a creative, effective and positive offer that you simply cannot refuse. It's a major win-win proposition with which TaalTaal hopes to distinguish itself further from the competition.

Can I also just take the regular classes and not the special sessions?

While we do recommend the special sessions, the regular classes by themselves are highly educational and fun. The special sessions offer an encouraging environment where you can practise and/or try out alternative didactic methods without any time pressure.

Who may join these special sessions?

Since they are designed to work in conjunction with the formal (regular) sessions, they are only open to enrolled students. Of course, you may come by any time for a trial session.

Can I also join if I'm taking a private course?

Yes, please ask us at the reception for possibilities. We will generally encourage all students to maximize their interaction with the language.

So what's the price of the total package?

The price of the regular class depends on the intensity (1x or 2x per week). A regular Spanish course will typically cost €238. There are no extra costs for these sessions. Thus attending the full program makes TaalTaal highly competitive in terms of pricing. For example, for €238, you can get 38,5 contact hours (16.5 regular + 22 conversation). That amounts to just €6.18 per hour!

Will this special extension also be available for other languages than Dutch, English and Spanish?

Yes, they will be supported in the future. We welcome your feedback on which languages you'd like to see supported!