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Thank you for contacting TaalTaal! We advise you to first look at frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.). If your question isn't there or if you'd like to speak to one of our staff or teachers, that's also possible.

For direct contact, please call us at 070-3226091 or send an e-mail to info@taaltaal.nl. Alternatively, you can also use the web form below.

For signing up to one of our courses, please use the online registration form. If you prefer an intake first and get a free assessment by a language teacher, please use the online intake form.

Hoge Prins Willemstraat 226 E
2584 HX Den Haag
Tel: (070) 322 60 91

E-mail: info@taaltaal.nl
Website: www.taaltaal.nl
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KvK: 27335185
Bank: NL12 RABO 0118 3138 43 (to TaalTaal BV Den Haag)





Our Philosophy

* Small and dynamic groups * Quality education by experienced teachers * Learn actively, not by sitting back and studying theory * Talk, talk, talk * Field trips with your mentor and fellow students