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Terms of Service TaalTaal

  1. All applications and cancellations should take place through the administration of TaalTaal. For applications, you use the TaalTaal (digital or paper) application form or send them in writing.
  2. Upon registration, you are committed to payment of the full course fee. The course fee should be paid before the start of the course. Payment in two or three terms is possible in consultation with the administration.
  3. After registration through the internet there's a 14-day period in which you can cancel your registration free of charge. This must happen in writing to the reception and cannot happen by any other means such as by phone, telling it to the teacher, etc. It is not possible to cancel after the course has commenced or 5 working days prior to it (see also point 8). You accept that the cooling-off period of 14 days does not apply in that case.
  4. Payment can be deposited by bank transfer to account number NL12 RABO 0118 3138 43, TaalTaal B.V. Den Haag, stating invoice number, or by bank card-payment.
  5. All proposals and offers of TaalTaal are without commitment, unless a term for acceptance has been stipulated. After this term has expired, the offer's validity ends.
  6. Study- and material expenses are not included in the course fee, unless stated otherwise.
  7. Repayment of the course fee only takes place if the course is full or otherwise cancelled on TaalTaal's initiative. In these cases, a (partial) course fee may be refunded.
  8. Five work days prior to the start of a course, or once a course has started, cancellation or reimbursement of the course fee is no longer possible, irrespective of your reason for cancelling. TaalTaal is always willing to work with you to find a solution such as moving the enrollment to another season.
  9. If you wish to cancel more than five days prior to the start of the course, you need to do so in writing, stating the reason. You can do this by e-mail to info@taaltaal.nl, or by mail to TaalTaal, Hoge Prins Willemstraat 226 E, 2584 HX Den Haag. In that case, administration will seek to find a proper solution with you (e.g. moving it to another season or transferring the course to someone else), but the financial obligation still stands.
  10. If you take private lessons and you wish to cancel or reschedule a lesson, you need to report this to the TaalTaal administration in writing, at least 24 hours prior to this lesson. If you fail to notify the administration in time, you are obliged to pay for the private lesson.
  11. TaalTaal reserves the right to postpone a course, cancel it or provide it in an alternative way (such as online) in case there are circumstance beyond the control of TaalTaal, e.g. in case there aren't enough students. TaalTaal will always do its best to provide you with an attractive alternative option.
  12. The TaalTaal board takes no responsibility for damage to persons and/or possessions, nor for missing personal possessions, regardless of cause, ensuing from activities organized by TaalTaal.
  13. Vacation dates are stated on http://taaltaal.nl/vakanties.php
  14. TaalTaal has a complaint procedure which you can find here.
  15. The prices of our courses are exclusive of VAT. Up till now, we are exempt from VAT. Should TaalTaal become liable to pay VAT, we will be obliged to pass on price increases.
  16. You have familiarized yourself with the privacy policy and agree that you will cooperate with proper procedures to ensure the safe handling of personal information.
  17. Copyright and all relevant rights are reserved by the proper owner and authors. Any study materials that have been provided to you may only be used for personal educational reasons.