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flagChinese (Mandarin) Level 3


Result after the course: This course is for Chinese learners who can interact in basic communication. After this level, you can handle the conversation on more topics (e.g. topics on visiting a doctor, shopping in a supermarket or express greetings at festival times). Your grammar knowledge will be extending and meanwhile, you will understand and write more Chinese characters. Of course, you may have a deeper understanding of Chinese culture at this level.More attention is given to gaining a deeper understanding of the language as well as extending the vocabulary to understand more of the different symbols and characters.

Frequency, duration, day and time:  Once a week during 11 weeks. The first lesson is in the week of 23 September unless noted otherwise. You can choose one of these groups:

17:00 to 18:30

💡 tip: you may always switch to another group or level

Lesson method: The book (exclusive) can usually be used for multiple courses. You can easily order via bol.com.


Chinees 'n makkie v2 €45.00

(ISBN: 9789046906439)

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