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flagChinese (Mandarin) Level 4


Result after the course: This is the begin of an intermediate level. The course is for Chinese learners who can conduct and exchange basic information on many familiar topics in daily life. After this level, you can be involved in topics at an intermediate level (e.g. how to describe the place you have visited or compare two things, how to find your way or take the right bus in a complicated situation ). You may also know how to write standard forms and short e-mails.

Frequency, duration, day and time:  Once a week during 11 weeks. The first lesson is in the week of 23 September unless noted otherwise. You can choose one of these groups:

18:30 to 20:00

💡 tip: you may always switch to another group or level

Lesson method: The book (exclusive) can usually be used for multiple courses. You can easily order via bol.com.


Chinees 'n makkie v2 €45.00

(ISBN: 9789046906439)

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