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This final course leads the student in two parts to a level C1. This course is the first module to language level B2+, where you get introduced to Dutch expressions and phrases. You will also learn how to use alternating structure words, how to write a summary and how to prepare a short monologue.

For whom: Skilled users with language level B2 or for students who have completed our Accelerated Proficient Dutch course.

Result after the course: You have taken the first step towards level C1 and you are almost able to express yourself fluently in Dutch.

Frequency, duration, day and time:  Twice a week during 7 weeks. The first lesson is in the week of 15 July unless noted otherwise. You can choose one of these groups:

Mon­day and Thurs­day
18:00 to 20:00

💡 tip: you may always switch to another group or level

Lesson method: The book (exclusive) can usually be used for multiple courses. You can easily order via bol.com.


Nederlands naar Perfectie €49.50

(ISBN: 9789046904527)

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