Summer Courses at TaalTaal

Enrollment is open for the 2020 Summer Courses: during the 7-week season (July 20 to Sept. 4), you can take part in any of the following educational experiences.

Prefer to wait until September? The schedule for Autumn Courses is already available and open for registration.
Small groups will be given in-person on request (keep 1.5 meters)
Private and intensive courses can be started any time
NEW: Dutch Immersion: 75 hours in 2 weeks!


Courses at TaalTaal

  • All lessons are live with real teachers
  • Get to know other people who are also interested in languages
  • You only pay for the live lessons, the rest is gratis, including pre-recorded materials
  • Use the TaalTaal Online Learning System
  • Multiple options for video conferencing, choose what works for you!

The next season will start in the week of September 20th for all languages!
Lessons will take place both in-person and online!
You can ask for a free intake here.
Private and intensive courses can be started any time
NEW: Dutch Immersion: 75 hours in 2 weeks!

Please note that there are both accelerated and regular Dutch courses! All Dutch Courses are in The Hague.

For complete beginners, there's an unbeatable fast-track program of 21 weeks: Dutch [A0 to A1] + Dutch [A1 to A2] + exam training! (ask about package deals)

Fastest-track program: Dutch Immersion: learn Dutch (A1-A2 level) in 2 weeks and get Inburgering Exam-ready in a total of 4 weeks of lessons!

Course Types

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Private Training

other languages

Skype also possible!

Online Test

Dutch Level 1
Dutch Level 2
Dutch Level 3

For higher levels, please contact us for an intake


Training at your location and customized courses: duration, times and setup are all flexible

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Why TaalTaal?

  • Quality education by experienced teachers
  • Focus on practical results and lots of conversation
  • Even with 3 people, groups go ahead
  • Excellent return on price + time investment
  • Excursions with teacher and fellow students (on request)
  • Accelerated courses available