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In this course, we build your vocabulary to enable you to talk about a variety of subjects including your hobbies, plans and shopping. We will discuss the past tense (passé composé) and future tense (futur proche) as well as du, de la, de l' and des. Themes include ordering something in a restaurant, your own eating habits, clothing, colors and telling the time. After this course you will be able say what time it is, what you like to eat and drink, what kind of groceries you need and what the price of a product is. You will also be capable of reading short texts and answer questions connected to these texts. Other topics include the possessive pronoun, other forms of negative expressions and a few new irregular verbs.

Voor wie: Students who completed Français Débutant 1 or already have a CEFR level of A0-A1 and need instruction from English.

Frequentie, duur, dag en tijd:  Eén keer per week gedurende 11 weken. De eerste les is in de week van 23 september, tenzij anders vermeld. U kunt kiezen uit deze groepen:

18:00 tot 20:00

💡 tip: u mag later altijd wisselen van groep of niveau

Gebruikte lesmethode: Het boek (exclusief) kunt u voor meerdere modules binnen hetzelfde traject gebruiken. U kunt het boek zelf bestellen via o.a. bol.com


Entre Nous 1 €40.00

(ISBN: 9789463250191)

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