Course Overview (in person and online)

Do you want to learn a language in an active, engaging and easy-to-follow way? No problem!

At TaalTaal we find it very important that you learn to speak from the very first moment and we only use the most modern, relevant study material. Our groups are small and dynamic so you'll receive plenty of personal attention and guidance.

In the week of 31 January 2022, the next season will start for physical lessons. Online classes have started in the week of January 17th. You can sign up already (tip; ask for the early bird discount).

To sign up, please click on one of the course links below for more information, or use the sign up form or simply contact us.

Private lessons and intensive courses can commence any time. For Dutch Immersion Courses, there are start dates every month of the year.

Want to learn Dutch in just 2 weeks? Take a look at the immersion courses: 60 hours in 10 days total

Pick a language in the season of your choice to continue to the page that's relevant for you.

Winter Courses (January - April 2022)


Basic Dutch 1
Basic Dutch 2
Basic Dutch 3
Intermediate Dutch 1
Intermediate Dutch 2
Intermediate Dutch 3
Proficient Dutch 1
Proficient Dutch 2
Proficient Dutch 3
Perfect Dutch 1
Perfect Dutch 2
Perfect Dutch 3
Perfect Dutch 4
Dutch Basic 1/TUR
Accelerated Basic Dutch 1 [2x per week]
Accelerated Basic Dutch 2 [2x per week]
Accelerated Inburgering [2x per week]
Accelerated Intermediate Dutch 1 [2x per week]
Accelerated Intermediate Dutch 2 [2x per week]
Accelerated Proficient Dutch 1 [2x per week]
Accelerated Proficient Dutch Plus 1 [2x per week]
Accelerated Proficient Dutch 2 [2x per week]
Accelerated Perfect Dutch 1 [2x per week]
Accelerated Perfect Dutch Plus 1 [2x per week]
Accelerated Perfect Dutch 2 [2x per week]
Accelerated Basic Dutch 2/TUR [2x per week]
Detailed Basic Dutch 1 [3x per week]
Detailed Basic Dutch 2 [3x per week]
Detailed Intermediate Dutch 1 [3x per week]
Detailed Intermediate Dutch 2 [3x per week]
Detailed Proficient Dutch 1 [3x per week]
Detailed Proficient Dutch 2 [3x per week]
Dutch Immersion 1
Dutch Immersion Inburgering
Dutch Immersion 2
Dutch Immersion 3
Dutch Immersion Staatsexamen
Dutch Immersion 4
Intensive Dutch Course
AYCT Dutch (from A2)
AYCT Dutch (to A2)


Spanish Básico 1
Workshop Spanish Básico
Spanish Básico 2
Spanish Básico 3
Spanish Intermedio 1
Spanish Refresher 1
Spanish Intermedio 2
Spanish Intermedio 3
Spanish Avanzado 1
Spanish Avanzado 2
Spanish Avanzado 3
Spanish Superior 1
Conversacion & Gramatica Avanzada
Spanish Superior 2
Spanish Refresher 2
Spanish Superior 3
Spanish Superior 4
Spanish Superior 5
Spanish/EN Básico 1
Spanish/EN Básico 2
Spanish/EN Básico 3
Accelerated Spanish/EN 1 [2x per week]
Accelerated Spanish/EN 2 [2x per week]
Accelerated Spanish/EN 3 [2x per week]
Accelerated Spanish/EN 4 [2x per week]
Accelerated Spanish/EN 5 [2x per week]
Accelerated Spanish/EN 6 [2x per week]
Intensive Spanish Course
AYCT Spanish (av/sup)
AYCT Spanish (bas/int)


English Beginner 1
English Beginner 2
English Beginner 3
English Beginner 4
English Elementary 1
English Elementary 2
English Elementary 3
English Pre-Intermediate 1
English Pre-Intermediate 2
English Pre-Intermediate 3
English Intermediate 1
English Intermediate 2
English Intermediate 3
English Upper-Intermediate 1
English Upper-Intermediate 2
English Upper-Intermediate 3
English Advanced 1
English Advanced 2
English Advanced 3
English Advanced 4
English Conversation A+
English Conversation B+
English Conversation C++
English Conversation Skills
English Proficiency Skills
Accelerated Elementary [2x per week]
Accelerated Pre-Intermediate 1 [2x per week]
Accelerated Pre-Intermediate 2 [2x per week]
Accelerated Intermediate+ [2x per week]
English IELTS training [2x per week]
Accelerated Upper-Intermediate 1 [2x per week]
Intensive English Course
English Immersion Pre-Intermediate 1
English Immersion Pre-Intermediate 2
AYCT English (beg/el/p-i)
AYCT English (int/up-int/adv)


Italian Level 1
Italian Level 2
Italian Level 3
Italian Level 4
Italian Level 5
Italian Level 6
Italian Level 7
Italian Level 8
Italian Language and Culture
Italian Level 12
Italian/EN Level 1
Italian/EN Level 2
Italian/EN Level 4
Intensive Italian Course


French Level 1
French Level 2
French Level 3
French Level 4
French Level 5
French Conversation A
French Level 7
French Level 8
French Level 9
French Level 11
French Level 13
French Conversation B+
French Refresher
French/EN Level 1
French/EN Level 2
French/EN Level 3
French/EN Level 4
French/EN Level 5
Accelerated French/EN 1 [2x per week]
Accelerated French/EN 2 [2x per week]
Accelerated French/EN 3 [2x per week]
Accelerated French/EN 4 [2x per week]
Accelerated French/EN 5 [2x per week]
Accelerated French/EN 6 [2x per week]
Intensive French Course


Portuguese Level 1
Portuguese Level 2
Portuguese Level 5
Intensive Portuguese Course


Russian Level 1
Russian Level 2
Russian Level 3
Russian Level 4
Russian Level 5
Russian Level 6
Russian Conversation A
Russian Level 7
Russian Conversation B
Russian to Perfection
Russian/EN Level 1
Russian/EN Level 2
Russian/EN Level 3
Russian/EN Level 4
Russian/EN Level 5
Russian/EN Level 8
Intensive Russian Course


Turkish Level 1
Turkish Level 2
Intensive Turkish Course


Chinese (Mandarin) Level 1
Chinese (Mandarin) Level 2
Chinese (Mandarin) Level 6
Intensive Chinese Course


Danish Level 1
Danish Level 2
Intensive Danish Course


German Level 1
German Level 4
German Level 5
German Level 6
Kommunikation und Grammatik Fortgeschrittene
German/EN Level 1
German/EN Level 2
German/EN Level 3
Accelerated German/EN 1 [2x per week]
Accelerated German/EN 2 [2x per week]
Accelerated German/EN 3 [2x per week]
Accelerated German/EN 4 [2x per week]
Accelerated German/EN 5 [2x per week]
Intensive German Course


Hebrew Basic 1
Hebrew Basic 2
Intensive Hebrew Course


Thai 1
Intensive Thai Course


Modern Arabic Level 1
Modern Arabic Level 4
Modern Arabic/EN Level 1
Modern Arabic/EN Level 2
Modern Arabic/EN Level 3
Intensive Arabic Course

Modern Greek

Modern Greek Level 1
Modern Greek Level 2
Modern Greek Level 5
Intensive Modern Greek Course


Indonesian Level 1
Indonesian Level 11
Indonesian Level 2
Indonesian Level 3
Indonesian Level 4
Indonesian Level 5
Intensive Indonesian Course


Brazilian Level 1
Brazilian Level 2
Brazilian Level 3
Intensive Brazilian Course


Basic Swedish 1
Basic Swedish 2
Intensive Swedish Course


Basic Japanese 1
Basic Japanese 2
Basic Japanese 3
Intensive Japanese Course


Basic Polish 1
Basic Polish 2
Intensive Polish Course


Basic Farsi 1
Basic Farsi 2
Intensive Farsi Course


Basic Norwegian 1
Intensive Norwegian Course


Intensive course Hungarian

Our Philosophy

* Quality education by experienced teachers * Focus on practical results * Lots of conversation * Excellent return on price + time investment * Excursions with teacher and fellow students (on request) * Accelerated courses available *